What is Love Drama?

Love Drama Logo 2020

Love Drama is a drama education company based in Edinburgh. Founded in 2009, Love Drama prides itself on delivering the highest quality of drama workshop provision across Scotland and beyond.

Love Drama’s Core Aims

  • To design and deliver high quality drama workshops which allow children and young people to learn, create and grow as individuals in a safe, active and enjoyable environment.
  • To recognise the potential in each and every child and young person and strive to maximise this potential through providing high quality drama experiences.
  • To promote the valuable skills which are harnessed through drama including: confidence, self-esteem, independence, communication, team-work, peer assessment, presentation, performance and leadership; all of which are the essence of Curriculum for Excellence.

Children’s University!


Love Drama are an official Learning Destination for the Children’s University! The classes and Holiday Camps included are below along with the Children’s University learning hours.


Activities and learning hours:

After School Clubs: 45 minutes

4-7s Weekly Class: 30 minutes

8-11s Weekly Class: 45 minutes

12-16s Weekly Class: 1 hour 15 minutes

Holiday Camps: 10 hours!




Volunteer with Us!

Thumbs Up

“I was learning skills, earning my Saltire Awards for my volunteering and the whole time I working with an amazing team, having so much fun!”

– Denise Boyle, Previous Volunteer who then went on to become a Assistant Drama Tutor! –




Love Drama offers opportunities for young people aged 14 and over to volunteer in the Weekly Classes! With constant support and mentoring, we can help young people gain specific volunteering certificates as well as confidence in working with children!







Work with Us!


“Working with Love Drama has been one of the best jobs I have ever had. The way the staff interact with the children is something unique and different from anywhere else I have seen or worked with. The kids seemed to enjoy every minute of their time and were eager and keen to learn, perform and have fun with everything they did. Charly’s lesson plans are incredibly varied and a bundle of joy for not just the kids but also her staff, who she keeps a very close and professional manner with. Anyone coming to Love Drama, whether staff or child, would find the experience incredibly worthwhile and entertaining”

-Calum Johnstone, Sound and Lighting Tutor-

If you are interested in working with Love Drama, then please send a CV and a covering letter to charly@lovedrama.co.uk