‘Our Five Minute Theatre Experience’ by James Fontana, 14

“We went with the idea that there had been a rumour spread around a school, that the famous actor, Johnny Depp had died.” James Fontana, Love Drama Improv Academy member Our Improv Academy students were asked to blog about their Five Minute Theatre experiences – here is an entry from James Fontana, 14.  We started

NTS Five Minute Theatre – YOUTH – by Katie Fegan, 15

 “The actors all looked so professional yet it was obvious they were having a good time” Katie’s Auntie in Australia on Love Drama’s ‘protest’ piece. We asked some of our Love Drama students to blog about their Five Minute Theatre Experiences. Here is Katie Fegan’s Blog: I have been involved in two Five Minute Theatre

NTS Five Minute Theatre ‘Youth’ by Kirsten McCrossan, 30

“It was exciting for me to see my students finding their own styles. Team Facebook is a group of aspiring stand-up comedians and the style that the boys used in their piece reflects this.” Kirsten McCrossan, Director of Love Drama The last of our four videos for National Theatre of Scotland’s Five Minute Theatre project