Carla, Ellie and Tilly


What first attracted you to Love Drama’s weekly classes/holiday camps? : Quality of experience reported by other parents and children.

How has your children developed since enrolling in Love Drama? : More confident, able to advocate for themselves.

Why would you recommend this to other parents? : Quality of facilitation, enthusiasm of Kirsten & staff, brilliant way to meet other children outside of their own school before going to secondary school.

What would you say to other parents who were considering enrolling their child in Love Drama classes/camps? : Both you and your child will be pleased you did.

Ellie and Tilly

What is your best memory from your time at Love Drama? : The performance at the end of term at Easter. There’s lots of laughing

What aspect of Love Drama have you enjoyed the most? :Devising characters

What skills do you think you can take from Love Drama into later life? : Making friends and developing confidence to perform in front of other people

Complete the sentence: “If it wasn’t for Love Drama…” my Friday evenings wouldn’t be the same

How have other pupils in the classes/camps made a positive impact on your time at Love Drama? Being welcoming, making us feel like part of the group.