Just Say Yes!- Taking Chances by Katie Fegan, 17

A million decisions are made every day, and most of these we take for granted. We choose what to eat for breakfast, the clothes we’re going to wear and the general plan for accomplishing whatever short term goals we have recently set out for ourselves. I guess you wouldn’t call these things ‘opportunities’. But, the

Truth About Youth by Katie Fegan, 16

Imagine being told you could achieve your childhood dream, being told that when you made that wish upon a star it really would come true. I recently asked two of my best friends, Meg and Kirsten, what they wanted to do when they were seven years old. Kirsten wanted to be a paleontologist Meg wanted to be

Our Musselburgh 12-16s are interviewed by YOUNG SCOT

After the Musselburgh Improv Academy’s involvement in the ‘One Day’ event in Glasgow, Young Scot were keen to interview the group to find out about their views on the perceptions of young people in the media. www.lovedrama.co.uk www.facebook.com/lovedrama www.twitter.com/lovedramacouk

‘ONE DAY’ – The Scottish Youth Parliament & Glasgow by Calum Johnston, 15

“After 4 hours rehearsal,  many changes to the show and losing tickets, the Love Drama Improv Academy stormed through Glasgow and succeeded in its objectives. I found myself having a wonderful time, meeting new people and drinking seven……yes…seven cups of tea.” Calum Johnstone, 15, member of the Love Drama Improv Academy, Musselburgh Hello Kirsten, thanks once again

The Truth About Youth: ‘ONE DAY’ Event – Glasgow by Katie Fegan, 15

“That day was honestly one of the best days of my life and I was so happy to be a part of it!” Katie Fegan, member of the Love Drama Improv Academy, Musselburgh On the 4th of August 2012, the Love Drama Improv Academy had the privilege of going into the city of Glasgow to showcase