Christine and Eilidh


What first attracted you to Love Drama’s weekly classes/holiday camps? : I thought it would be something that my daughter would love to do and it was

How has your child/ren developed since enrolling in Love Drama?:  She doesn’t hesitate to get up on stage/speak in front of her class.

Why would you recommend this to other parents? : I am constantly recommending Love Drama to other parents, it ticks all the CfE boxes and provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

What would you say to other parents who were considering enrolling their child in Love Drama classes/camps? :  Don’t hesitate,it’s an enriching experience for your young person.


EilidgBest memory:  Creating a character and it turning into a nickname

What aspect of Love Drama have you enjoyed the most? I enjoy improvising because I can make up lots of different characters and story ideas and it does have to make sense.

What skills do you think you can take from Love Drama into later life? : Improvising and working together with groups to complete something.

Complete the sentence:  “If it wasn’t for Love Drama…” I wouldn’t be able to stand up in front of people 

 How have other pupils in the classes/camps made a positive impact on your time at Love Drama? You can learn from other people and teach them stuff 

How has Love Drama helped you gain more dramatic experience outside of the company? : I am applying for a role and had to mention my experiences of drama, being with with love drama since the age of five and taking part in my after school sessions and the camps has given me lots to write about in the application