Five Minute Theatre – from an audience’s point of view, by George Cameron

The one that I really identified with was the three lads ranting about Facebook, I have to admit I am a Facebook addict, there it is out!! 

George Cameron

George Cameron is a massive fan of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Five Minute Theatre. While chatting with him recently he had a lot to say about the Love Drama Improv Academy’s entries and he agreed to write a blog so that our Love Drama students could hear his views. Here is his blog…

I have just had a day watching and chatting online during the National Theatre of Scotland’s entire Five Minute Theatre event. I was blown away by the talent of performers and the ideas that the theme of ‘Youth’ can bring up.

From speaking to your younger self as in red phone box or the fear of getting older and finding the first grey hair 9am Monday morning, lots of aspects of the theme were covered.

One of the subjects that came up was what we are ‘meant’ to be in the eyes of social media. One of the youth theatre groups Love Drama handled this really well over the course of their 5 minute pieces. I really liked ‘The Hidden Truth’ where they consigned magazines and images of what the media think we as people should be to a box that can finally be sealed therefore allowing ourselves to be a person and not a manufactured image.

The one that I really identified with was the three lads ranting about Facebook, now I have to admit I am a Facebook addict, there it is out!! I don’t play the games but I do just about share every video I watch on Youtube.

I assume everyone will want to watch what is going on in my head at the moment in time? They do right?!

Is Facebook an open diary? After watching this piece of theatre it got me to thinking how much of my own private life do I let 1160 “friends” see and if in say 30 years time what will my ramblings about goodness knows what make me sound like…if indeed there is access to what we have posted then.   So interestingly enough why do I feel the world wants to know about my swimming, theatre going and eating habits? But the likes, shares and comments means someone must? Would we let the same people read our diary? What do we leave off Facebook or indeed what do we share that reveals too much of ourselves? Thanks folks for making me think and possibly saving my friends from 20 shared videos in the mornings, as I did manage not to as often last night! Let’s see how long it lasts!

In ‘Rumours’ once again Facebook causes the catalyst when a group of children repost that popular film star Johnny Depp has died, the news becomes viral, and makes it from social media to the news, while this is going on one of the girls at school has lost her brother and can’t understand why her loss is not as important to those she actually knows. Again a case of celebrity culture over actual real people and feelings.

In ‘Through the Ages’ we hear similar conversations from the modern mother and daughter who are arguing over going out to the Victorian conversation with the daughter not being allowed out to the dance! The same thing happened when the girl wants to see the Beatles and the Stones in the 60’s. This is a clever play that shows that throughout the years nothing much changes when it comes to a mother daughter relationship, but now there may be more opportunity to speak to our parents and tell them what we are actually thinking. I hope the girls in the piece manage to have some great mother daughter time, brought on by the play.

Well done to all involved and good luck in all of your future projects!


Love Drama