Five Minute Theatre – YOUTH by Calum Johnston, 15

“I loved the fact that the group managed to go more national and show themselves to Scotland, and even the world.”
 Calum Johnson on Five Minute Theatre
Members of the Love Drama Improv Academy were asked to blog about their Five Minute Theatre experiences. Here is Calum’s blog…
Sadly, due to the exams in May, I had to sit myself out of the first Five Minute Theatre that the Love Drama Improv Academy did. Instead, I watched from the sidelines and saw the great acting from the other performers in our group. I thought that these guys were excellent but at the same time I was upset that I was unable to be there with them and perform in the piece. Gladly, I had helped out but I still wished I could get that moment to be on it myself. My wish came true about a month later.

When we got told we were doing it again, I felt better now knowing that I was actually acting this time and not helping out behind the scenes. My group, which consisted of myself, Sunny and Josh, decided to work on an entry we tried to use for the piece in May but was not used. We had decided to use a piece about something that we all use and that we find things on it that we personally hate. Facebook. We decided to narrow it down to four things we hate the most. These were the people who jump on the bandwagons, the constant depressing statuses, the annoying game invites and the like bullying. We not only explained to the public what this was, but we also gave out examples like the KONY 2012 video and Farmville. We had to do a few adjustments to the positioning and the backdrop, but at 20:45 (I think, I’m not sure…) we were ready to go.

We had a small audience to watch us do our performance live. Me, Sunny and Josh were all lined up in front of the wall of the church opposite our hall. The camera which was kindly brought along by Helen Raw to film us with was ready. Kirsten held the boom mic, which I found out later was not a good job. Then we started. We kicked off well, the first scene about KONY went off without a hitch. Then my first solo part came up…….and I forgot what I was meant to say. I remembered it eventually and we continued on. We finished it to a great round of applause. The first thing I did was look down at the ground in shame. First thing I saw was everyone looking at me. I knew I had messed up, and we only got one take. I was glad I did it, that I forgot my lines…no. 
*** INSERT: I am sure that every actor can sympathise with Calum here! Lots of people make little mistakes but not everyone can carry on like a true pro like Calum did! We love the Facebook piece and the ‘mistake’ adds to it as it shows the great bond between the performers and a wonderful attitude! ‘Stand Together & Improvise’ as a wise man once said… Calum you and your team did Love Drama VERY proud!!*** 
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience on FMT. Despite my lines being forgotten, I loved the fact that the group managed to go more national and show themselves to Scotland, and even the world. Hopefully we all did well and that everyone managed to pull it off very well. If given the opportunity to do it again, I would say yes within a heartbeat.
Calum Johnston, 15
Member of the Love Drama Improv Academy, Musselburgh