NTS Five Minute Theatre – YOUTH – by Katie Fegan, 15

 “The actors all looked so professional yet it was obvious they were having a good time”

Katie’s Auntie in Australia on Love Drama’s ‘protest’ piece.


We asked some of our Love Drama students to blog about their Five Minute Theatre Experiences.

Here is Katie Fegan’s Blog:

I have been involved in two Five Minute Theatre projects, and on both occasions I’ve had a wonderful time!

The first occasion was in early May, when the theme the group were given was “Protest”. We spent an evening devising the piece, completely off our own backs, which was a good test of the group’s strength and communication. Well, we were all was certainly keen to communicate, since everyone was full to the brim with ideas. We eventually settled on devising a scene using the setting of a park bench, which was interesting seeing as we were being filmed live from a bar! None the less, the group came together and we had a piece to be proud of! We were truly able to express our creativity since we all had completely different individual characters, and we came up with the whole plot line as a team. I’ve had one review of our entry so far, from my Auntie in Australia. She says, “The actors all looked so professional yet it was obvious they were having a good time”. Couldn’t have put it better myself, though she did say my costume looked weird…

The second occasion (between late June and early July) was slightly different. Our improv academy was split into four smaller groups, and each group submitted their own entry. My team consisted of me and three other girls, and we got to work straight away. We worked on our scene-both in and out of class-for about two weeks, and the majority of the group even got together the day before for a rehearsal. The theme this time was “Youth”, which led to four completely different entries being sent to the National Theatre of Scotland. We also had the help of Helen Raw, who was kind and gracious enough to come and film our pieces on 3 different occasions. I can only imagine that carrying film equipment and dealing with a band full of teenagers wouldn’t be the ideal way to spend your weekends, so I’m sure I can speak for the group in saying that we are all very grateful. She gave clear and precise instructions regarding staging and “camera cheats”, which allowed the actors to be seen clearly both on camera and in front of our team’s massive audience…of five people!

This couldn’t have been possible without the care and support of Kirsten McCrossan. Without her we wouldn’t have had this wonderful opportunity to represent the group on as big a scale as this, and I’m sure everyone appreciates it as much as I do. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kirsten for almost 6 years, and I know the ideas will never stop coming!

Five minute theatre has allowed the Love Drama Improv Academy to show off their full potential, and we have all been able to collaborate our ideas to create “short-and-sweet” pieces of theatre. I am overjoyed that the National Theatre of Scotland has continuously approved of our ideas, and I hope we will all be involved in more projects in the future.

Katie Fegan, 15

Member of the Love Drama Improv Avademy, Musselburgh