Gwen and Robbie


What first attracted you to Love Drama’s weekly classes/ holiday camps? : I was looking for a drama group for Robbie for a long time and finally found love drama which stood out above all the rest for many reasons but the main one being how easily and quickly he took to Kirsten – her passion for drama shines through in her teaching and Robbie has felt he belongs there since his very first day.

How has your child/ren developed since enrolling in Love Drama? : Robbie has developed in a lot of ways but mostly in dealing with his emotions – he has always been quite a confident wee boy however not so much with strangers but he is growing more confident and mature with different situations he finds himself in.

Why would you recommend this to other parents? : I would recommend Love Drama to all parents because my son has really found that he finally belongs somewhere!

What would you say to other parents who were considering enrolling their child in Love Drama classes/camps? : If you have a child who loves drama and wants to fit in somewhere then love drama is definitely the place for you!!!


Best memory:  My best memory is definitely my first ever drama camp.

What aspect of Love Drama have you enjoyed the most? : I really love doing Improv.

What skills do you think you can take from Love Drama into later life? : I have learned to work with partners much easier.

Complete the sentence:  “If it wasn’t for Love Drama…” I wouldn’t be ME.  Because I have made a lot of amazing, fun friends.