I Have Never Laughed as Much in the History of Love Drama by Calum Johnston

Calum Johnston of our Musselburgh Improv Academy writes about the return of ex members Sunny Murray and Abbie Paterson as they return to the group to take a workshop and pass on skills they have learned while in full time acting training and Sunny attending adult improv sessions in Edinburgh.


“Sunny and Abbie taught with sheer professionalism and I really do hope they do this again sometime soon.”


At first, I thought that it would be strange that some of my good friends would be teaching us drama,  but as the 2 weeks have now gone by and the lessons have now been completed, I realised that it felt better than if someone else had come in. Before I move on, well done to Sunny and Abbie for some great lessons and it was great seeing you guys again. Hopefully you guys can do it again before the end of the year.


 The first week was mainly filled with mime and how we had to react to how heavy something was and how we all reacted to that. This also brought back the return of INVISIBLE TENNIS!!!!! Of which sunny was a co-founder of, along with myself, Lois and Denise. Sunny managed to take the class really well and brought a lot of energy and charisma to his teaching role. Having known Sunny since the early days of the Brunton Youth Theatre when Kirsten was there, it was better that I could interact with him more than if a new teacher had come in.


The second week saw the return of Abbie as well as Sunny again. This was more of a memory game week, ironic considering the fact that I had a modern studies exam in less than a week. We played a game that involved us remembering what everyone had said we were going to take to Miami, some more obscure than others e.g. a donkey. We moved on after our break to a game called The Game Show. I swear to god, I have never laughed as much in the history of Love Drama. Well except for rat battle. Basically, the guest had to guess where they were from, what their job was and what their prize was. Very topically, North Korea was chosen. Angus and Laurie tried their best to say as much as they can without being racist or offensive. They were very good and stood out from all the other ones.

Overall, Sunny and Abbie taught with sheer professionalism and I really do hope they do this again sometime soon.

But next time Sunny, cut out the really sappy parts of your final speech. That’s not the Sunny I know.

Calum Johnston

Member of the Love Drama Improv Academy, Musselburgh