Lesley and Martha


What first attracted you to Love Drama’s weekly classes/holiday camps?: My daughter needed to boost her confidence and learn to express herself. She had hearing issues which meant she had become withdrawn and unsure of herself.

How has your child/ren developed since enrolling in Love Drama?: My wallflower has blossomed! Martha has gained so much confidence and feels comfortable talking in group settings. She stood up in front of her school assembly recently to talk about her feelings.

Why would you recommend this to other parents?: Because it doesn’t centre around the kids putting on a show. Rather it gives them tools and teaches them skills in a fun and inspiring  way which equips them for the future.

What would you say to other parents who were considering enrolling their child in Love Drama classes/camps?: Give it a go. Watch your child blossom.


What is your best memory from your time at Love Drama?: Doing pirate show.

What aspect of Love Drama have you enjoyed the most?: When Charly came.

What skills do you think you can take from Love Drama into later life?: Talking without words.