Lorna and Skye


What first attracted you to Love Drama weekly classes/ holiday camps? : Skye first became interested in drama following some classes at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. From then on we tried many drama groups until discovering Love Drama. That was some years ago and she is still loving it. 

How has your child developed since enrolling in Love Drama? : Before Love Drama, Skye was shy and nervous when even talking to groups of friends. Her confidence has grown to her benefit. Anyone who knows her now will find it hard to believe she was once the kind of child who would hide behind me!

Why would you recommend Love Drama? : I would 100% recommend lovedrama to other parents, actually I often do. After Skye told her friend about love drama she left the drama group she was with and signed up. Both girls still love it.


Best memory: I loved being the Easter bunny in a show. It was so good and funny.

 How have other pupils in the classes/camps made a positive impact on your time at Love Drama?: The other kids are awesome, we all work well together and have a good laugh and a good time.

Complete the sentence:  “If it wasn’t for Love Drama…” I’d still be shy and nervous in groups.