Love Drama with the Scottish Book Trust, the tour continues…

“An immediately engaging, fast-paced (but not rushed) session that kept everyone focussed and on their toes with their wits about them. The pupils were having so much fun they followed the flow wholeheartedly. This session was thoughtfully structured to explore the creative possibilities of storytelling through cumulative exercises.”

I have been dashing around the country the past week continuing to deliver Love Drama workshops for the Scottish Book Trust. I have had the privilege of working with many enthusiastic and creative pupils. So far I have been in three schools in Dumfries & Galloway and three schools in East Dumbartonshire.

“The books seem somehow bigger after the session – more than someone else’s
words and pictures, full of the children’s own creative energy.”

I have now worked with pupils from p4 to s1 and every class has been an absolute joy to work with. The most memorable moment last week was at Killermont Primary in Bearsden (pictured above). We were doing a creative exercise where we were building our own crew to sail to the Isle of Blow Yer Nose. The first pupil came up and announce that he was the Irish Leprechaun of the ship! When I asked what job the Leprechaun would do on the boat the pupil replied: ” Well, the Leprechaun makes top hats, and if ever any crew member is having a day when they are not so stylish, they can come to me and I will supply then with a specially made top hat.” Very imaginative and a lot of fun!

“All the warm-up drama and voice activities wove into
the 3 books which helped open the stories up to personal interpretation.”

Thanks to Mrs Banner from Dalry Primary & Secondary for her feedback in this blog!

Kirsten McCrossan