‘ONE DAY’ – The Scottish Youth Parliament & Glasgow by Calum Johnston, 15

“After 4 hours rehearsal,  many changes to the show and losing tickets, the Love Drama Improv Academy stormed through Glasgow and succeeded in its objectives. I found myself having a wonderful time, meeting new people and drinking seven……yes…seven cups of tea.”

Calum Johnstone, 15, member of the Love Drama Improv Academy, Musselburgh

Hello Kirsten, thanks once again for such an amazing two days with Love Drama. I had an amazing time on my first trip with a drama company outside of Edinburgh.

To start off our 2 day excitement, we had a four hour rehearsal at the SYP building near Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. I had trouble finding the place but I eventually found it. Everyone except Sunny, Mairi, Laurie, Adam, Matthew and Denise turned up who didn’t come due to other reasons. The practice was long and tiring, but we managed to rehearse the four youth pieces, with Imogen and James having to work from 5 people to now just 2 and me and Josh losing Sunny for the Facebook piece, The Protest piece, with me and Abbie taking over different roles as we were not in the original, and the game the Everyday Olympics. This meant………….we were ready to storm Glasgow!

The day came, we stood in Waverley and went to an early train cause we all got there in time. We sat on the train making so much noise. Eventually we got off the train, got out the station, turned a corner…..and that was it. We were there. We were introduced to our stage and surrounding areas. As the event kicked off, we started with our protest piece where I covered for Laurie as the homeless guy. The scene went off without a hitch. Then the Facebook sketch came on and we had the best performance yet. I was slagged off but we handled it well. The performance was one of our best and really enjoyable for me and Josh. Afterwards we did the everyday olympics which was good. I then got a book out of the human library on an Afghani Feminist. I spoke and asked questions about what he wants. All he wanted was woman’s rights in Afghanistan. We had a very nice chat and he took me back with what he had done to try and get the rights. Then there was a great gymnastic performance where I injured my back trying to do a move. Everyone else could do it apart from me….sad :( . They were very athletic and very good at their own performance. Afterwards, I got hold of a megaphone to talk to people of Glasgow to attract them to our event and good drama workshop lead by Katie and Abbie . Good thinking keeping me in charge of a megaphone. The rest of the 5 min pieces were spectacular as well and it went perfectly. Then sadly we left. Not before ONE GAME OF BADMINTON (me and Stephen won).

Overall, I enjoyed myself. Except from me cutting my head with my glasses, me and Imogen running round the station to catch our train and waiting for our train afterwards. The people we met were lovely and its so good of them to allow us to come along and perform in the hall. And even nicer to pay…………..and give me 7 cups of tea………..also thanks to Kirsten for getting us to that standard in the first place. And another big thank you to Stephen who came along with us and has been great fun to see and be round with. I said this as well for the 5MT, if I could do it again, I would say yes in a heartbeat”

Calum Johnston, 15