A Familiar Face, by Rosie Paterson, 13.

“It was a really good night and its great to see Sunny again!!! I had a great time and I’m sure that everyone else did too! I can’t wait till next week.”


Well this Friday we had a familiar face returning to us! Sunny Murray came back to us after leaving us for a couple months!! It was a really good lesson and just to say thanks to sunny for sharing everything he has learned recently at college and it was really great to see you again!


This week we did a lot of mime work and that was great. We did an exercise with and imaginary tennis ball which got a bit confusing when we added THREE real ones… but it was really good as well because when the ball was- as Sunny put it- a magic invisible tennis ball no one would know it if you are awful at catching… as I maybe… moving on. We also devised a piece of mime surrounding an object and Lois, James, Calum and I had to base ours on invisible tennis!! That was just hilarious even though the attempted ‘tennis grunts’ failed epic-ally ! The other pieces were good too but my favorite game of the night was definitely ‘Lassie’ witch is based on the film ‘Lassie’ where you are in twos and one has to mime ‘what the kids did’ and the other has to guess. Some of the suggestions were amazing and some just crazy! And for some reason most of them based on mosquitoes or France! (we are a very creative group haha)


It was a really good night and it was great to see Sunny again!!! I had a great time and I’m sure that everyone else did too! I cant wait till next week were I think that we are seeing Abbie who also had to leave for a few months for college so that will be great!

by Rosie Paterson, 13, member of the Love Drama Improv Academy, Musselburgh