Taking Over Love Drama

A year ago, I sat at reception waiting to teach my first Love Drama class having just been the successful candidate for Drama Workshop Director and Manager. Today I am writing about becoming Company Director of Love Drama. Last year definitely succeeded all expectations with two career changes!


In 2015, I continued to facilitate drama classes all over Edinburgh. I also took over six drama classes, nursery classes, drama parties, camps and admin duties with Love Drama. I represented Love Drama at the Youth Theatre Arts Scotland Interchange and went on several training courses across Edinburgh. I was then given the promotion to Company Director. Needless to say, I slept for most of Christmas!

Although it has only been a year since I joined Love Drama, it feels like I have always been part of it. The essence of Love Drama feels instinctive to me. All children and young people should have the opportunity to be creative and feel confident in doing so. In the past year I have seen that Love Drama does that. Through fun and relaxed classes, children and young people are introduced to games and exercises which allow for the development of transferable skills. This is part of the legacy that Kirsten has left behind and I intend to keep it going.

All children, young people, parents, teachers and staff have been so welcoming and accepting of me into this unique and inspiring Drama in Education company. This has continued in my new role too and I would like to thank every one for their continuing support. I am so excited and honoured to be able to step up as Company Director (I keep pinching myself). I will definitely keep Kirsten’s legacy alive and kicking but I will also add some of my own ideas! I cannot thank Kirsten enough for this opportunity and as she continues to support me I cannot wait for her to see Love Drama grow and develop.

My wonderful assistant Denise has also had an amazing year. A year ago, she was a volunteer in the Musselburgh classes and now she is in training to become a drama facilitator herself! Denise’s enthusiasm, sense of fun and her passion for drama makes her a wonderful assistant and an instant hit with children and young people. I am looking forward to working more closely with her this year and thank her so much for supporting me.

I cannot wait to start the new term at Love Drama and to see all of its pupils which inspire and teach me new things every single day. I always have so much fun during the classes and its always wonderful seeing a child or young person grow in confidence over the term. Long may this continue! Charly :)