The Story of the Love Drama Camp…

Love Drama Camps Musselburgh were born after spending two amazing sun-filled and fun-filled summers working as a counselor in the USA. I spent three months in 2001 in the spirit-fuelled Willoway Day Camp in West Bloomfield, Michigan and learned about the invaluable experience that ‘camp’ was to children and young people. It was all about fun, friendships, happiness, learning, growing and making life-long memories.


In 2002 at age 20, I was the youngest area director at Nicolet Camp for Girls in Eagle River, Wisconsin where I was invited to be the Director of Drama & Art. I had been instructed to direct a full scale musical which went well; but it was a small devised piece of theatre that I created with a small group of campers that led to the rave reviews from campers and parents alike; taken aback by the increased levels of confidence and energy of the participants.


In 2009, after working my way up as a drama leader, there were no holiday drama activities in East Lothian where I was based, and no companies were willing to start one up for me to lead – so I started up my own company and the first Love Drama Camp was born!


That was six years ago and Love Drama Camps are still going strong. Every camp is still rooted in the first-hand experience of American summer camps and is never about simply ‘putting on a show’.


Comments from parents from Summer ’13 camps:

Hi Kirsten – thanks so much for this year’s camps. We are so happy with the format.We previously attended a drama week in Fife that basically drilled 64 kids over the course of the week to trot out one line each of a pre-written script. No input from them; focussed entirely on showing a ‘product’ at the end of the week to the parents. It was deathly.

I think the experience of drama has a complicated and amazing effect on childrens’ confidence and you have harnessed that and are letting them completely run with it. It’s something to do with being creative in a group of people and working towards a shared goal, and maybe also letting go of the conventions of behaviour that they’re learning more and more all the time.

It means a lot to us that our two are able to explore self-expression and to have such enormous fun in a group of completely new people. Guided by adults and young people who share their enjoyment and the joy of sharing great ideas. The groups are perfectly suited to the ages and the environment feels safe, co-operative and dynamic.

 Thanks for all your hard work; you are a valuable asset!!

Kirsten, I loved the way you worked with the kids and they obviously had a ball. Much better to do the final event in a small room where you can hear the kids and to create something physically is good too. I personally was relieved as often shows with young people in them can go on for an age, so the time was perfect too. 
Well done lady, you are doing a great job and you and your helpers were obviously enjoying being there which means as a parent you are walking into a very enthusiastic, professional set up!  


Please know how grateful I am to find you and LOVEDRAMA.  As briefly mentioned earlier today, our family has been in a constant state of moving for the past 2 years – making it challenging to provide suitable and compelling activities for my son. YOUR PROGRAM is certainly an exception to the rule.

The small devised piece at Nicolet Camp for Girls in Wisconsin USA back in 2001 that started it all. :-)

Love Drama Camps are all set to rock Musselburgh again this summer! It’s going to be yet another amazing summer with Love Drama! Ages 12-16: July 21-July 24 (PANTO CAMP with Stephen H!)
Ages 4-7: July 27 – Aug 1 (Intergalactic Adventures with Kirsten!)
Ages 8-11: Aug 4- Aug 8 (Imagination Explosion with Kirsten!)
Email for full information and to book.All at the lovely leafy Stoneyhill Community Centre in Musselburgh
All just £110 per child
All from 10am-3pm
All have indoor and outdoor facilities
All an amazing, fun filled experience!

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