Lucie and Fiona

16819450_1343619282360140_8706120462898569598_o (2)Lucie has been coming to Love Drama at Woodburn Primary School since 2016. There has been a huge transformation in this lovely pupil and her confidence is through the roof. So much so that Lucie is even coming to the Spring Sensation!

Lucie recently wrote a letter: “To Charly, Love Drama is my favourite place to go because we all learn all sorts of different things and I love them”

Watching a pupil grow in confidence is wonderful to witness. It shows how much drama can help children and young people not just in a drama class but in all areas of their academic environment; as Lucie’s mum explains:

“Lucie has benefited from Love Drama a lot. She has always been a shy girl and wouldn’t take part in a lot of things; for example, gym at school. Now she is a lot more outgoing and happy to try many new things. She even takes part in gym now!”

-Fiona, Lucie’s mum-