Elisa Guietti – My First Two Terms at Love Drama

20170616_162030Elisa: My first two terms at Love Drama

“Working at Love Drama is a simply wonderful and inspiring experience!”

I started to collaborate with the company about four months ago and have had the chance to interact with several different classes and age groups. It has been amazing to see the children expressing themselves creatively and building up their confidence through drama. I was so impressed after the first nursery sessions! The children were very young but responded so well to the activity.

I have a background in visual arts and have been working with children and vulnerable adults for the past few years. I started to develop a strong interest in drama quite recently, after noticing myself the great benefits of a drama course. I realised that the creative arts can support and complement each other. They are a powerful tool for self expression and can really make a difference.

The structure of the classes has certainly widened my perspectives and enriched my personal and professional knowledge. The children are fully engaged in the creative process and their opinions always play a vital part in the development of the activities. They are treated as unique individuals and are guided to explore and fulfil their full potential.

Of course behind such a positive working experience lies a brilliant team of dedicated people. I would like to thank them for their warm welcome and great support! :) Elisa